Francesca Vitale, RPP, PTP, RPE, Founder and Director of The Healing Force

Francesca Vitale is a board-certified educator and practitioner in polarity and craniosacral therapy. Accredited by the International Polarity Education Alliance (IPEA) and the American Polarity Therapy Association (APTA). She is a graduate of both the Hippocrates and the Upledger Institute and is a practitioner and teacher of raindrop therapy, trained by D.Gary Young, N.D. Formally in residence at The New York Open Center with a private practice in Westchester, New York.
As a holistic wellness educator, craniosacral and polarity practitioner, Francesca also offers shamanic healing in the age of modern medicine. A practice gaining much interest in conventional medicine today.

My Journey began as a result of my Father’s death when I was nine years of age. As my journey continued into adulthood Challenged in 1994 with Cancer, I somehow knew that my Strength in God and my faith would show me the way… My studies into the holistic field of medicine became my life long journey and passion not only for myself but for others in need.

It is my intention as a Holistic Wellness Educator, a Polarity/Cranial Sacral and Raindrop Practitioner to continue my work in the field of holistic medicine, assist others to become empowered and heal…
“Please note; a portion of the proceeds to be given to cancer prevention”.

Many Blessings on your Journey!

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