ELDERS AND TRADITIONAL CULTURES EMPHASIZED ACTIVE RELATIONSHIPS BETWEEN GENERATIONS AND WITH THEIR ANCESTORS. These exchanges connected the community with its roots and sources – both symbolic and mythological. When in harmony, these links would assure a balance for the collective as a whole as well as for each of its individual members. When these links were lost, shamans would be called upon to restore them and to heal the symptoms occasioned by this loss.”

“The healing potential and the importance of these links between generations and their ancestors have been rediscovered in numerous approaches in contemporary therapy: depth psychology, transgenerational psychoanalysis and family therapy.” ~ Thierry Gaillard

ANOTHER IMPORTANT LINK TO CONSIDER is the connection our ancestors had with the “earth”. The life force within nature that gave us the resources needed for complete wholeness, Mind, Body & Spirit!
“When this environment is balanced and orderly, joy, success and positive attitude reigns. On the contrary, when it is in disarray, depression, anxiety, fear and malaise take hold.”

Does Your Gut Health Actually Affect Your Happiness?

Our ancestors were totally connected to nature, plant medicine, the power of essential oils, which according to the medical papyrus and the hieroglyphics that EO’s were the (first medicine known to man), even before herbs were used, EO’s were extracted from the plant and used in remedies for healing. The findings and research received from Kenya, Oman, and Somalia, based on these holy oils that is still one of the most powerful essential oils of today. (Thousands of years later) is mind boggling to say the least!

My mission is to bring awareness to Mental illness, the correlation between the mind, the gut, and how to fix it?
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