An Amazing Turnout!

Hello Everyone!

A heartfelt Thank You to all of you that attended my event, The “Mental Gut” Health Forum. The lecture led by Brian Clement, Ph.D, LN., followed by panelists who share differing perspectives, facts and opinions I felt was well received and informative!
Please note the following from one of our guests at the Forum: (name omitted to protect privacy)
Dear, Dear Francesca,

This forum was so important and ‘many-layered,’ with all elements we’ve been dealing with/thinking of for the major part of our generation ~ that is since all the food ‘doctoring,’ the implosion and assault of pharmaceuticals and chemicals in our Life Styles setting forth conundrums for living our lives.

I particularly liked Brian’s listing of actions to take to steer changes occurring in our overall life styles ~ How do we as arbiters of our existence ‘style,’ our lives to achieve what we desire ~ or, presently think is what we want ~ IF we are to stay on this plain of existence.
These aspects I would like to share in NYC. Re: your mission to grow a supportive group for Cancer Prevention in the holistic field of medicine and to bring awareness to Mental Health and our Gut health. The connection between the two and how to fix it?
Thank you for your support! ~ Francesca

Next Event! TBA – complementary medicine, chelation therapy, oils of ancient scripture, psychologist/psychotherapist, colon hydro therapist and more. Mental health “epidemic” in America, with depression on the rise” … to be continued!