When I think back to when it all began for me. The turning point of my life when I was told I had colon cancer…The shock of it all.
After being told by the radiologist that I might develop intestinal perforation, I asked him to explain, and he said, “That is when your intestines break.”

“Then what happens?” I asked.

“Then you die,” he replied.

You mean I am damned if I do and damned if I don’t??? he replied, Do you have a Choice???

YES! YES! YES! I am here to tell you now, you do have a choice!

For some it may mean chemo, radiation, etc., and others may choose the alternative, holistic approach or in some cases integrate the two??! WHATEVER THE DECISION, THE CHOICE IS YOURS!!!

As many of you know there are many remedies being prescribed in the field of medicine, both allopathic and holistic for cancer and other conditions.
It is so important that you do your homework. Don’t take anything that anyone says at face value, myself included. Study your options…get involved in the alternative and also research the holistic, herbal medicine, how the herbs are being processed, the country of origin and the process entering this country can make a tremendous difference in the healing process. The essential oils that one uses if not of the highest quality can be more detrimental to your health. Foods that are genetically modified, lased with pesticides, and so much more should not be considered as an option if you are dealing with an illness.

As a Holistic Wellness Educator, and a facilitator of plant medicine, EO’s I will continue to post and share for your awareness.
To be continued…

Francesca Vitale