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Do you believe there is a correlation between your brain and your gut?
Do you feel emotionally disturbed, depressed, or disconnected from yourself?
Do you think that some of these “mass shootings” may be related?
Do you think your mental body can dictate what you eat and vice versa?


Does Your Gut Health Actually Affect Your Happiness?

It’s no secret that a healthy gut is correlated with increased energy levels, a strong immune system, maintaining a healthy weight, and so much more. But one thing researchers are starting to understand now more than ever is that our gut health has an enormous impact on happiness. “In general, I wouldn’t feel uncomfortable saying that virtually 80 percent of your mental state, well-being, and happiness is controlled by how happy your gut is,” says microbiologist Kiran Krishnan.
Knowing gut health has such an enormous impact on happiness, what can we do to make our gut as healthy as possible? Let’s dive in.

Dr. Salerno

The Wisdom of Alternative Healing
“The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.” ~ Alan Watt
“Don’t wait until you get sick to turn your health around. Be proactive, then you can spend your golden years on the tennis court, visiting exotic climes, hiking the Appalachian Trail, building a treehouse for your grandchildren or tending a vegetable garden—-instead of keeping track of your umpteen prescription drugs, cooling your heels in doctors’ offices and subjecting yourself to endless rounds of medical tests.” 

Dr. John P. Salerno is an international pioneer in the practice of complementary medicine. He served as medical director in “health care for 9/11 heroes”. he is well-known for his vitamin IV suitesweight-loss treatments, and chelation therapy.

Salerno combines the Wisdom of alternative healing with the teachings of traditional medicine. His desire for healing led him to work alongside critically acclaimed holistic visionaries such as: Suzanne Somers  and was Inspired by philosopher, Alan W. Watt.

The Salerno Solution
An Ounce Of Prevention, A Lifetime Of Health
The Salerno Center for Complementary Medicine
12 East 52nd Street, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10022

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A Lecture/Discussion and Q&A led by Dr. John P. Salerno
Event Lectures & Panel Discussion – TBA
Westport, CT 

 Next Event:  – complementary medicine, Sacred oils of Ancient scripture, psychology, psychoanalysis, A Way Out; Disease Deception & The Truth About Health and more.

Mental health “epidemic” in America, with depression on the rise” … to be continued!